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Spiral bound planner

I was struggling with finding a weekly format I liked in an easy to print format for my other planner.  I saw this on clearance and thought what a great idea.  Good for 18 months loved the full month then week to week format.  We were going through a tough illness with my daughter they initially couldn’t diagnose (all better now after surgery) so the doctors were sending us to specialists all over.  There were days I have 4 different appts.  I needed a week to week format and in hindsight that works better for me overall.

I picked up this stand used to hold paper when you type but it was inexpenive and works great to hold my planner upright and visible on my craft table.

I tend to set annual business and personal goals with a list of to do items that works on a weekly format.

What I don’t like is the spiral binding always seems to be in my way when I am trying to write and I can’t move anything around…. I’ll use this for the rest of this year but on to a new style for next year.  Maybe I have the planner version of ADHD.



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