Is Keeping a Weight Loss Scrapbook the Way to Go?

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Weight Loss Scrapbooking book Is Keeping a Weight Loss Scrapbook the Way to Go?

Ask yourself this question. Why are you considering making a Scrapbook about your weight loss in the first place?

After we wrote our book we interviewed a number of people who purchased “Weight Loss Scrapbooking” to find out 1. why they had made the purchase, and 2. To ensure they were satisfied.

Happily I can report that satisfaction is 100% but we were a little taken aback when we found out WHY people had made the purchase in the first place.

With the permission of the people that participated in our survey, here is a list of a the main reasons (in no particular order) and just click to read the story’s that go with each.

Each person had written us a thank you note and so we asked if they would be a little more detailed and we would publish their story, these are their stories:

1. “I had already lost weight and wanted to be able to record my weight loss”
2. “I am an avid scrapbooker and thought it would help me to lose weight
3. “My daughter has been struggling with her weight for so long, and this gave us the ability to work together on her weight loss goal
4. “It was the perfect vision board for me”
5. “I thought it would give me accountability
6. “As a man I have never scrapbooked before, but it was the idea of keeping a journal in pictures that just made sense”

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