Scrapbooking Layout – The 100

My daughter really resonated with many characters in this show. She actually has 2 tattoos based on the show.   They did a Connegeddon with just the 100 actors she got to attend and had a great time.  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter #the100

Travelers Notebook Layout – Wicked Tulips

Cathy and I love to get ice cream from Salem Farms when we are in the area.  It is so good.  A great way to spend a summer afternoon. Getting to spend time with friends on a weekend is the best!  #lovemyscrapbookingideas #cocodaisy #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Punchbowl Glacier

I needed and extra single layout to fill a blank page in my album.  These were pics I didnt get to use elsewhere and I really likes them so I used them here.  Such an amazing day!  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Helicopter Tour

Kyla was so nervous about the helicopter ride – since the only time she’d been in one she was life starred…. but once we got going the smile says it all!   #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Travelers Notebook Layout – Picnic

Checking another local activity off the bucket list! Cathy and I made a picnic lunch and she read while I finished the last bit on my fair season sweater.  It was a perfect day and the view was beautiful.   #lovemyscrapbookingideas #cocodaisy #travelingcrafter

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scrapbooking Layout – Crepes, Pizza & Ice Cream

We spent a few days in Anchorage at the end of our trip. Fun easy to navigate city.  We found some places we loved to eat – a great place for crepes and another brew house with awesome pizza and sandwiches.  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Puppy Palooza

So many puppies in Alaska at the dog sled excursions.  My daughter was in heaven.  This bunch was a little older and a little more challenging in photos.  Its funny but I expected them to look more like huskies but Alaskan huskies are a separate breed. #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Alaska

Getting to take a sled ride and walk on a glacier was really cool. such a fun adventure.  We are so not ready for the Iditarod but it was fun to watch ! #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Alpine Air

I honestly kind of balked at the cost to do this – but it was so worth it.  If you have the opportunity to see Alaska save up and do the cool stuff!  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter