Scrapbooking Layout – The 100

My daughter really resonated with many characters in this show. She actually has 2 tattoos based on the show.   They did a Connegeddon with just the 100 actors she got to attend and had a great time.  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter #the100

Scrapbooking Layout – Punchbowl Glacier

I needed and extra single layout to fill a blank page in my album.  These were pics I didnt get to use elsewhere and I really likes them so I used them here.  Such an amazing day!  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Helicopter Tour

Kyla was so nervous about the helicopter ride – since the only time she’d been in one she was life starred…. but once we got going the smile says it all!   #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Crepes, Pizza & Ice Cream

We spent a few days in Anchorage at the end of our trip. Fun easy to navigate city.  We found some places we loved to eat – a great place for crepes and another brew house with awesome pizza and sandwiches.  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Puppy Palooza

So many puppies in Alaska at the dog sled excursions.  My daughter was in heaven.  This bunch was a little older and a little more challenging in photos.  Its funny but I expected them to look more like huskies but Alaskan huskies are a separate breed. #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Alaska

Getting to take a sled ride and walk on a glacier was really cool. such a fun adventure.  We are so not ready for the Iditarod but it was fun to watch ! #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Alpine Air

I honestly kind of balked at the cost to do this – but it was so worth it.  If you have the opportunity to see Alaska save up and do the cool stuff!  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Quarantine Mode

So for us this trip was booked for 2020 travel and then 2021 travel and finally 2022 travel.  So i thought it would be fun to add in a few quarantine memes along with the journaling.  It was for sure worth the wait but we had some bumps in the road like the tour company for shore excursions going bankrupt…. in the end everything worked out.  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Seward

We had some colder/misty weather but nothing that stopped us from having fun.  Today we got to spend a little time walking around and enjoying Seward.    #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter

Scrapbooking Layout – Hubbard Glacier

I feel like I say amazing alot talking about my Alaska pages but it really was just that.  This was the first page in album 2 so I needed to do a single layout.  I am so glad we had the opportunity to see the glacier up close.  It really is worth seeing for yourself. #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts #travelingcrafter