RE: Is Keeping a Weight Loss Scrapbook the Way to Go?

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Hi there,

Did you know that scrapbooking can help you with
your weight loss and fitness goals? course you did!Visualizing your success is just as much a part
of any goal achievement.

So is accountability.

And so is record keeping.  You can’t hide from
yourself if you are keeping a record.

And its a beautiful project.


I bet you didn’t know that:

                      the act of keeping a scrapbook actually turns on
                                   that part of your brain that is
                                      totally wired for success.Yes indeedee it is.It is that creative part of your brain.Your inner child’s brain

And it is your inner child that has:
-the winning edge
-can accomplish anything
-no mountain too high!

Wake up that creative mind and watch how well it works
for you.

Read about some of the successes that people have been
having using a scrapbook to lose weight.

**Even men have successfully scrapbooked their weight loss**

Happy Scrapbooking – Autumn



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