Scrapbooking Ideas A to Z – “F”

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This series provides ideas to incorporate into your scrapbooking, something to organize or money saving ideas.

 F – Family Reunion Journaling

Family reunions are the perfect time to measure change. The cousins have likely grown an inch or two. Someone else may have moved to a new house, perhaps a new baby has joined the family. But even with all these physical changes, some things will never change, like family traditions and activities. Journaling both aspects of change provides an important legacy for future generations.  Even if you don’t have a family reunion you can use holiday get together or family meal time to gather ideas as well.

Some ideas to consider:
• What stories are always shared?
• What foods are always served? Document the recipes.
• Where is the reunion held, and why?
• What activities and games do you play?
• Who are the new members of the family? Has anyone passed on since the last reunion?
• Interview the oldest members of the family—they’ll be honored to share their memories!

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