Scrapbooking Ideas A to Z – “B”

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This series provides ideas to incorporate into your scrapbooking, something to organize or money saving ideas.

B – Baby Scrapbooking Ideas


Kids love to hear all kinds of stories. But one story they probably would want to hear over and over again is the story of their birth. This is why, many would prefer creating baby scrapbook to tell in a more tangible way how they come out in this world. But it does not mean that baby scrapbook is limited to the “how” of giving birth. Even the minor details are important to create a more wonderful baby scrapbook your kid would enjoy and would be proud of as they grow up. And since baby scrapbook is somewhat a kid’s bibliography, your kids will appreciate how much they mean to you.

To create a baby scrapbook, you should define your starting point. It could be the baby shower or the day of his or her birth. You should also set when to end the scrapbook. Usually, baby scrapbook would cover the child’s first year but you can always go longer if you want to. In the process, you should collect things that can be included on the scrapbook like the gifts you receive on the baby shower. Some would even include the baby’s first haircut and other events that the child has experienced for the first time.

Choose a color that would define the theme of the scrapbook.

Now you ask: “What should I include on the scrapbook?” Most baby scrapbook would include the details about the baby upon birth. These are, the length at birth, weight at birth, time of birth, the length of labor, the color of the eyes and hair, and doctor’s name and the names of the staff who assisted the doctor in giving birth. Plus of course, the pictures of you and your child at the hospital after you gave birth.  Some would include pictures of you while you are still pregnant. Moments such as this will keep your child reminded how you, as a mother took care of him/her while s/he was still in your womb.

Other moments you should include are the photos of the baby’s growth month by month with a size reference (usually a stuffed toy), photos of the house you live in and the nursery, photos of the family members including the baby, photos of the baby sleeping, photos taken while the baby is bathing, photos with his or her favorite toys, and other happy moments that include him or her.  Many baby scrapbooks would include the baby’s firsts. These are the baby’s first smile, first bath first crawl, first roll over, first sat up, first steps, and so forth. Baby scrapbook can include his or her favorites like the favorite song, toys, bedtime stories, and the family tree.

You can write about the meaning and significance of the name, your length of stay at the hospital, other people who were present at the hospital, their reaction after you gave birth, their feelings after they carried your baby, and the way they entertain the baby. You can also write about stories that would further illustrate those events that are captured in photos. Stories like the baby’s first outings, babysitting, and mannerisms (did he or she often suck his or her thumb… and things like these).

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