Scrapbooking Ideas A to Z – “K”

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This series provides ideas to incorporate into your scrapbooking, something to organize or money saving ideas.

K – Keep it SimplePure Joy

Simplify all the events that would be included on the scrapbook or page. The placement of various elements also brings a lot of impact on the overall image of the scrapbook.  Maybe you only use one photo on each page with a minimalist style.

In simple scrapbook, you can assure yourself that once you start it, you can finish it. This is because you are working on a specific framework that is specifically made to finish. And since you are working on this framework, you will exactly know how far can you go and how many pages you will use. Once you have met this, your album is done.

This layout had only 1 piece of card stock – circles cut from patterned paper a few paper cut outs and one 12″ piece of ribbon. While it still looks good in keeping it simple I completed this layout quickly.

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