Scrapbooking Ideas A to Z – “Q”

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This series provides ideas to incorporate into your scrapbooking, something to organize or money saving ideas.

Q – Quotes

So what qualities should you look for in a scrapbooking quote?

1. Mnemonic quality – a good scrapbooking quote should be easily remembered. It should have that quality that makes it stick to your head. By having this quality, you can be sure of at least one impact of the scrapbooking quote.

2. Relevant – Of course, a scrapbooking quote should be relevant to what you intend to portray. The scrapbooking quote should be able to bring across your message and enable whoever is reading the quote to relate to the object or picture in your scrapbook.

3. Short – A scrapbooking quote should be able to get the message across with very few words. You see, the focus of the scrapbook should remain on the objects or photographs. In choosing a scrapbooking quote, you should make sure that the quote does not take the center stage from the other objects in the scrapbook. However, you should make sure that the quote is just enough to form a bridge of thought between the words and the objects.

4. Touching – a good scrapbooking quote should not only touch your brain, but it should also move your emotion. You see, scrapbooks trigger memories not for the purpose of giving your brain a workout, but to enrich your soul. Thinking about past events, whether delightful or forlorn, helps you rediscover yourself and what made you the person you are today.


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