Zebra Mom Knits

I was asked to put some of my knitting at the Better Together Farm store.  I chose some special creations and will be using the proceeds to help fun my daughters dream of becoming a doctor.

Better Together CT Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in North Stonington, Connecticut on a working farm.
It serves as a retreat for Veterans, first responders and the community. We offer Veteran re-training programs unique to this part of the country.#travelingcrafter #knittingaddict

Knitting Project – Hamburg Fair Entries 2022

I entered a few projects into the fair this year.  My 2 big projects for the year was the pumpkin colored sweater and the short sleeve patterned yoke sweater. Really happy with how they turned out and they both got a blue ribbon! #travelingcrafter #knittingaddict

Knitting Project – Falling Leaves Sweater in process

I knew when I started this sweater it would be complicated.  I had to google stitches in almost every row of the yoke pattern, but I got a big sense of accomplishment getting through each row as I went.  I had to run yarn through the bottom (vs needles) to try it on.  I just finished the bottom ribbing (not shown) this past weekend and of course the sleeves need to be done.   #travelingcrafter #knittingaddict

Knitting Project – Thick and Thin Infinity Scarf

One scarf with many ways to wear.  This was made with a bamboo yarn. Super soft and great to work with.  This is another fair season entry for 2022.  Great for the winter season. #travelingcrafter #knittingaddict

Knitting Project – Chevron Shawl

First completed project for 2022 fair season! This was completed in 2 pieces which are then stitched together and then a collar added.  This will be great in the spring when I just need a light coverup.  #travelingcrafter #knittingaddict

Knitting Project – Durham Fair Entries 2021

Durham Fair was the only fair operating in 2021 where I could enter my handicrafts.  I entered in 7 projects and all got ribbons.  4 first and 3 2nd place.  I was just so happy that the fairs started up and hoping next year they will all be operating.  I’m already starting projects to enter for next year!  All in all I had a great season and improved my standing over last year in the ribbon department.  #travelingcrafter #knittingaddict