Scrapbooking Idea – Keeping Paper Scraps to Save $

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I have 12×12 sized paper keeper that opens into 6 divided sections.  It has cloth handles and zips closed, it is made of plastic and was inexpensive.  I keep all my paper scraps in there by color.  With only 6 pockets I have to keep some colors together but it works well when I need a small piece of this or that to cut a title or mat a photo.  Why waste a big sheet of card stock when a small one will do.

1 I keep all my patterned paper in one section

2 black, white and grey

3 blue and green

4 yellow, read and orange

5 off white, tan and brown

6 pink and purple

The patterned paper section is mostly used when I need to add a little something to a layout I am working on.  This works especially well with seasonal paper like Christmas or Halloween.  With some card stock I can usually create another full layout from my holiday “scraps”.

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