Scrapbooking Layout Prep

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photosWhen I am preparing to scrapbook I always complete the following steps:

  • print the photos I think I will use on the layouts
  • organize my prints by event and then by layouts making a list including date and location
  • for each layout I pick a page map ( I keep in a 3 ring binder
  • On each page map there are several options – i usually put a small sticky on the one I like this is my starting point, I never follow them exactly but it helps get my going.
  • I think pick paper and carstock for that layout and photos
  • I put each of these in a plastic locking 13″ square bin with pieced of cardboard to separate them so when I go to a crop I grab a bin – I still need embellishments but it cuts down on the amount of paper I need to  drag around.

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