Scrapbooking Layout – Hotel Hell

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scrapbooking-layout-hotel-hellThere was just no other way to describe this place.  After a 7 hour drive to DC we arrived to find even with a reservation for two double beds in a room we had booked for 4 people the only rooms left had a king sized bed and their attitude was “not our problem”.  Since it was a stay to play cheer event we couldn’t simply move hotels or the team would have been disqualified.  Yup we complained, yup we asked to speak to a manager who never got back to use the 2 nights of our stay.  It was crazy.  We purchased air mattresses to make it work but they made us wait severeal hours for extra blankets – the kids had to get up early to compete – we were so not happy.  So when the kids stuck a few gummy bears on the phone and elevator we decided “not our problem”….  #‎lovemyscrapbookingideas‬ #scrapbookinglayouts

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